Monday, May 6, 2019

What is Affiliate Marketing ?

If you are the one who like to have knowledge about products, then you are perfect to become a affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is one of the part of a Digital Marketing in which you can promote someone else product and easily earn commission if anyone purchase it through your link. You can earn millions from it just by sitting at home with your comfort.

Let's discuss a condition that you know about electronic gadgets, specifically technical terms that generally people don't know. Then start a blog or youtube channel and choose topics wisely. Explain
about any specific product, accessory or company services and affiliate products.

Another discussion point or trending is automobile accessories, if you have interest in automobiles, auto parts and there accessories then you can also start blog or youtube channel for providing information about these and affiliate products easily.
Now the point is that HOW TO DO IT ??

It is easy to say that start blog or youtube channel, but how to take a step? How to initiate? And if started then how to manage blog and its marketing? Now we will discuss about these all things step-by-step.

So the first step is that you can start a blog about niche in which you have interest, and you feel that you can discuss about that hours without thinking and reading from anywhere. In reality the content which you present to your target audience matters a lot. You can start a free blog through blogger, wordpress, wix and many more but the best is to start paid blog with own domain and server.

Things for making impressive blog:

Use relevant images
Explanatory videos
Informative infographics

Second step is to focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your blog and web pages. SEO includes On-page & Off-page optimization. Non-techy person can also do these activities. Only you need to have knowledge, either learn Digital Marketing or from Youtube videos.

Third step is your blog promotion, you can use free or paid promotion mediums. Basic ways are:

SEO generate backlinks which is absolutely free of cost and most effective
Google ads - paid promotion, prefer to learn Google adwords first
Facebook ads - paid promotion

Last step is to manage it, you made it, marketed it but the continuity is the key. Thousands of web pages created every second but very few of them continued for years. More old your blog is more income you can generate from it. Same things are applied for youtube channel. More old your channel is, more subscribers and viewers are there so more you will earn definitely. Remember that content is the key.

Hope it is helpful

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