Wednesday, May 8, 2019

How to Create Title and Description tag for SEO

Most marketers believe that content is the key for ranking, yes this is true. But how it impacts? Today here we are discussing keyword selection for Title and Description tag. Always remember that there are different tags for different pages. We always prefer primary and secondary keywords whether it is content formation or title & description. It is something through which google
crawlers get to know about your site and indexed it. For this all you can use keyword research tools. The other step guides are:

Check the Competition of your Industry

First select your industry, after that check the keywords from Google keyword planner. Analyze there

Frequency (how often users search for that)
Competition (how many other websites are ranking for that)

Do Keyword Research Manually

When you get the outline of keywords around 15 - 20, excel them. Search each n every keyword manually on Google, check the ranking of competitors sites. After that excel the links successful competitors in your niche, check their title and description tag. Expand the list of keywords from there.

Now check Competitor Websites

Visit the links, specially read the content.
Segregate one word, two words, and phrase keywords

Now you have a list of enough keywords for your niche, it’s the time to make title & description tag.

Basically, title tag is your message to user and Google, and it is a small but essential part of Search Engine Optimization

Some points to remember:

Title tag should consist primary and secondary keywords
It should be defined and as direct, never try to make story in your title
It should be short or under 70 characters as per Google guidelines
It should not be copied

Now you are left with description tag, use the same tactics for description tag. Remember that 160 characters is that limit as per Google.
These two are the major elements of On-page SEO

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