Wednesday, July 31, 2019

SEO Project Management

Welcome CTCDC blog readers, this blog will give you wisdom on “How SEO
experts in Delhi” makes strong structure for their successful SEO project
SEOs from various Digital Marketing Institute, situated in Delhi has always said
for best SEO, the site should be technically strong for both customer usage and 
Google use.
In short, it should be structured with the right tech, content and linking, sounds
simple isn’t it?
To work with any SEO project or having client trust, first you must possess
Digital Marketing training from a recognized institute. With that you will acquire
not only SEO knowledge but about other fields too.

Like if you have link penalty and 404s or broken link in your site, with having
training in digital marketing course based in Delhi, it will not be a difficult task to
Managing SEO process and opting what to do first is uppermost important & fun to
do but very very hard without proper quality-driven & affordable SEO training. Now
imagine you opt SEO project( first of all, no one will trust you, if you don’t possess
proper seo knowledge) and spending a month in fixing features or writing content
for indexing, you will literally struggle concrete hard with your on-going project
without training in SEO course.
This was before you being a professional or freelance SEO expert and now let's
talk about ‘How SEOs professionally handle On-going project?’ 

SEO Structure For Project Management:

Two concepts of Project Management by professional SEOs is researching and

delivering. A simple method by SEO agency applying on client’s project is just

do a lot of research for making a blueprint of what really needs to be done

physically and then executing it smartly. The research phrase known as REST

comprises of four essential points- research, evaluation, strategy, and tactics.


Now research is searching out trends in the market and client’s position with
relation to competitors, Activity it involves are keyword research, gap analysis
and of course competitor analysis.


This step is about understanding the client’s website, product, and customer.
Activities involved are a technical audit, backlink analysis, an EAT audit & content
quality analysis.


It is just creating a plan on how to do things with gathered data smartly, based on
research evaluation.strategy also means placing things in an organized manner
that matters most for the SEO process.
Example, after doing keyword research and technical audit, SEO expert will
strategies to solve a technical problem and change code of website to achieve KPIs.


Now here SEOs will refer and implement all strategies made and activities involved
are the technical implementation of tactics by prioritizing them in high, medium or
low and implementation of tactics over time.

The phase of BOOM!

Now SEO experts know exactly what needs to be done, they shift to the BOOM
phase. BOOM means Broken site, On-page, Off-age & Measurement.

Technical issues on-site makes site broken site, which not only affects user experience but SEO too. Whereas creating content for the site is on-page and building links is off-page. Click and see other off-page and on-page activities. After these three comes measurement, which is cause and effect reporting. So if one day you become SEO service provider, apart from having SEO
knowledge, you need to have faith, determined goal and courage to accept new challenges. Than only you will be able to show successful monthly reports to clients and if you fails then you know you need to look at your strategies again.Well that’s structure “how professional SEO experts” gets things done in SEO.
Now let’s look on the style with which experts do this work.

Three concepts of project managementWaterfall

This model successful working depends on the success of each previous step, in order to be completed and successful as wholesome. So it is revealed to you now that the REST process is based on the WATERFALL model. It is a sequence, so an SEO expert cannot work or implement strategy at the right time without evaluating and for sure cannot evaluate without doing proper
research. Every step depends on one another.


The methodology used by software developers to create an environment that is unpredictable and non traditional standard point.For example, never-ending link building strategies and copywriting, as both of these processes never ends and always ask for flexible strategies for implementing technical SEO. This method often asks SEOs to stay updated with dynamic plans.


The traditional method to keep track of your daily activities,
To do, doing and done, this method helps people to give daily goals and how they can manage and effectively work daily with their on-going project Everyone here has their own color. So this is people's initials and they have got their own colors, so it is very visual what needs to be done. Using this method SEOs efficiently ables to manage multiple clients' requirements. That’s the end of this blog. I hope reading this will make you imagine, how fun and
challenging life SEOs live and inspire you to apply for SEO training 


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