Friday, May 24, 2019

Are AI CHATBOTS are BOON Over Human ??


     Firstly let me tell you what are Chat Bots ??

Chat bot’s are sort of Chat Robots , while interacting with many E-commerce web – sites , you have cam across a pop-up , which asks you some questions , like what you are looking for ? or how they can help you ? when you enter the requirement , the answers are already predefined according to the inputs , some of them may provide you the list of the services they provide and you need to selected one and accordingly answer would be provided.

What are the benefits of Chat bot?

  • First , it is benefited our human operating chat system , you need to keep a special team , to
answers the queries and question raised by the customers , also you need to provide people
at night shift to answer the queries , there incurs an additional cost to hire a team , Chat bot
is Computer Software , you need to pay an initial installation cost.
  • Chat Bot works 24*7 /365 , without any break , over time charges or holiday , need electricity for there working.
  • Chat Bot can handle n number of customer at a time , whereas human can handle limited number of customer at time.
  • Chat Bot update themselves their own through the updated algorithms available on AI platform.

      With above benefits, we can call chat bot as a boon , but we have some drawbacks as well , as you would have heard coin has two sides,

Drawbacks of Chat Bot:

  • Installation cost would be high , as per requirement of an organisation and the purpose for which Chat Bot needs to be used.
  • Need to keep an eye on Chat Bot action , as it may lose the relevance of the queries and result into dissatisfaction of customer and organisation may lose the lead.
  • All queries could not be handled by Chat Bots , there could be some scenarios where human intervention may require , Chat Bot get Stuck , when queries are out of its data.
Let’s decide what is beneficial for us and move Ahead !!


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